Best Business Lunch in Del Mar to Impress Your Client

Business lunches are more than a classic strategy to impress clients and seal deals. Some of the most famous business decisions have been made over a Caesar salad and a martini or two. For example, the concept for Southwest Airlines was pitched over lunch in 1966, and the founders of Pixar literally sketched out the studio’s post-Toy Story future on a cocktail napkin in 1994.

Of course, the key to an effective power lunch is more than just a great pitch. The setting of the lunch itself can make or break a deal. It’s crucial to pick the right spot for potential and existing clients alike, which is why at IRIS Food & Spirits, business meetings make up around 80% our weekday lunch crowd. Here are a few reasons why people come to IRIS for their most important business lunches:

Diverse Menu

Don’t let a restrictive menu or offerings that are a bit too experimental put a damper on your business meeting before you even order. Restaurants with diverse menus offering something for everyone will ensure your client finds an option to their taste. Our lunch menu features a spin on a range of worldly comfort foods, from New England clam “chowdah” to meatloaf sandwiches to carnitas tacos. We also offer seasonally inspired cocktails and local and regional craft beers to celebrate that deal-closing handshake.

Central Location

IRIS Food & Spirits is nestled across from the beautiful Los Peñasquitos Lagoon in Del Mar, and while our views are unparalleled, our clients also appreciate our proximity to La Jolla, UTC, and Sorrento Valley—and all the office buildings and biotech campuses therein. Why drive all the way to downtown for a business lunch only to cap it off with snarling traffic? If a potential client is on the fence, the wrong location can be a deal-breaker.

Excellent Service

Another deal-breaker that might not be your fault—directly, at least—is choosing a restaurant that isn’t experienced with business clientele. Waiters serving lunch meetings must be observant and discreet, knowing when to check in and when to leave you alone to talk business. Your pitch might be perfect and the food might be sublime, but an obnoxious—or neglectful—server could potentially turn a “yes” into “I’ll get back to you.”

Professional Ambiance

A restaurant’s ambiance and décor can go a long way in enhancing your dining experience, and at IRIS, our spectacular views of the lagoon from the dining room and covered patio go the distance. Acoustics are also important. You don’t want your conversation lost in the din of other diners or cranked-up mood music, but you also don’t want a restaurant so quiet you can hear a pin drop (and others can hear the sensitive details of your deal). According to our popularity with the business crowd, we clearly strike the right balance.

Want to seal that deal? Let Iris help.

Don’t waste precious time scouring Yelp for the perfect restaurant that includes all the above elements for a successful business lunch. Our delicious menu offerings, winning atmosphere, and outstanding service at IRIS Food & Spirits means all you have to worry about is impressing clients with your killer pitch. Call to reserve a table for your next business lunch today.

IRIS Food & Spirits, September 20, 2016

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